Ian.I Photography

A Talented Eli.

My very talented brother-in-law Eli has created a brand that is in 3 words best described as ‘Off The Planet’. He is the lover of food behind Elisbelly. Eli’s passion for food comes from his family and all are gifted in their own way. Whilst they love to create, myself and my father-in-law love to eat, as well as my kids. If all keeps going this way there will soon be a new website called ‘HelpMeloseMyGutContributedByMyFamily.Com’. Check him out at Eli’s Belly and on Facebook.









@ the beach…

The first time the 3.5 of us as a family ventured down to water. I love them so much. Dad needs a wax job, Nuff said.

Emma’s special day…

On the 8th of July 2012 Emma was christened and what a special day that was for Karla and I. We love you dearly Emma. Here are just a few pictures from that day.




the family tree…

To me nothing will ever be more beautiful.

the family tree.. from Ian Ibrahim on Vimeo.